30 iv stones for 10 heart scales

Trading Name: bolarengar

Offer: 30 iv stones

Request: 10 heart scales

Further info: new to this trading stuff if someone would explain what I need to do id be very pleased,but need dem heart scales

Do you actually have 30 IV stones? I’d appreciate a screenshot just to make sure, https://image.prntscr.com/image/-0VFN7uyS1i5kyvZfHLcpg.png

Those are my heart scales

In case you need more, I have more then enough of them :blush:

I’m willing to give you 10 heart scales for a single IV stone

That’s what I like to hear

i was trolling with the 30 but il gladly give around 5 for 10 heartscales

If you’re fine with that then sure.

can you explain me how is it done

Open dex nav, connect, offer pokemon holding the items, trade six times, then get new pokemon and trade in another set of six with more pokesmon. The pokes must be in your party.

alrght thanks I’m waiting rght now if anyone wants to

Alright. I can trade right now. Trade name’s Dechozen101.

Send the next batch.

Got them all?

yup if you any more just tell me ive got plenty


just better offers this time heart scales were desperate from my part

how much is a shiny worth to you,i know you got plenty

I value shinies quite a bit. I like to have em around generally for giving away for the sake of COMMUNISM.

elaborate on “quite a bit”

I guess it really depends on the shiny. Give me an example.