1st playthrough, help me

Trading Name: Hellkait

Offer: Gastly,Marowak, zubat

Request: Delta Golett and normal Deino

Further info: I started my first playthrough 3 days ago, so I don’t have rare, good or special pokemon. Please i need these


Hi, welcome to the insurgence forum community! :partying_face:
I can help you breed them, BUT did you have a preferred nature and ability for those pokemons?

Timid/Modest for Deino, Adamant for Delta Golett.

The ability is not important

Thank you

Hey! Welcome to the Pokémon Insurgence community! Looks like I’m too late, but if you need help with anything ranging from team building to general competitive advice, just ask me.

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I just need Delta Golett and normal Deino. But i’ll remember that

If you’ve gotten to sun touched, you can eventually get a guaranteed shiny deino.

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okay, I’ll breed them
also, yes, you can touch me at discord. It’s Rihkabar#2563

P.S: you can see it in my profile

Hi, the pokemons you need are ready. You can notice me here or at discord. Also my timezone is western Indonesia standard time (WIB), so please give me the best time to trade me around 4 AM to 11 PM my timezone :joy:

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My timezone is Central Europe, i can trade whenever you want

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welcome to the community

If possible. I can do it now before go to bed

Ok, add me in discord

actually, I can’t do it now because I need to move some files and it take atleast 2 hours

and I already added you

Add me, Hellkait#3803

Ok i’ll go online in insurgence in 2 minutes