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10 things i want to see in Pokemon Epsilon


As we all know the developers are making a new game Pokemon Epsilon and there’re somethings i want to seethe devs add

  1. More Deltas, Fan made of Dev made i don’t care just more Delta Pokemon. I’d like to see all Pixie Pokemon and Starter Pokemon get Delta forms

  2. Gen 7, It’s seventh generation guys shouldn’t we get a move on ? Pokemon i’d like to see are Marshadow, Alola Starters, Komala, Alola Vulpix, Alola Ninetales, Poipole and Nagandel

  3. Return of East and Calreath, Ok i know what your’re thinking there’re both dead, but East may be alive due to Rayquza’s successful save and Calreath might be alive.

  4. Return to Torren and Holon, It’s great to see Vesryn and Aroma reigon, but i wanna see Holon’s devlopment and Torren’s effects after loss of not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 gym leaders

  5. New Pokemon/Update Old New Pokemon Looks, like Zeta/Omricon i think they’re adding new Pokemon or update the looks like Ausitto

  6. Updated looks of NPC’s battle sprites, I mean come on did you see Zeus’s it’s Drayden with a longer beard !

  7. Regional forms, Along with Normal and Delta forms i’d like to see regional forms as well Dechozen did one on Meowstic

  8. New forms, what do i mean, new forms like Amoured Ursaring, Mega Eeveelutions (Yes i know Mega Eevee exist) and Primal Heatran (Heatran is Regigiga’s counterpart why did IT get a Primal Form)

  9. Photo Club, Yes we need photo clubs and customise it please ?

  10. Pokemon Refresh, I don’t expect this one going in since 3D and stuff but hey they might try


The 4 loss gym leaders in Torren : East ( If Rayquaza’s Save was unsuccessful ) Calreath ( Please he’s not dead yet ) Diana ( Quitted ) Adam ( Oviously )


Also do want Trials but not sure about that …


You could have found the answer to almost all of these questions on the Epsilon website at but I will answer them all for you as the original Creator of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. There will be new delta pokemon.

  2. Gen 7 is already announced and planned, and we will be doing everything from gen 1-7 only, so no gen 8 if it comes out before we’re done.

  3. Insurgence and Epsilon are NOT connected. They are not in the same universe, and are NOT related. You will not see the return of any Insurgence locations, characters, or deltas. (Yes, this includes my favorite noibat, no one is special.)

  4. See response above ^

  5. There will not be any new fakemon in the game, aside from a very specific set of ones planned for the story.

  6. We plan on having our own unique character designs, yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. Our “regional forms” ARE delta pokémon, so this is kind of a redundant request.

  8. Yes, new megas and some primals are planned for the game, along with another special form we haven’t announced on Epsilon yet.

  9. Probably not. Not as easy to do with sprites unless it just becomes the photo spots like HGSS or the contests.

  10. Definitely not, very hard to do in sprite form.


Also, keep a lookout for an update coming later today to what you can expect from the story of Epsilon as well as a sneak peak at some of the new stuff we have planned :eyes:


But what about No.11 ? Trials ?


and Please remake the Deltas that you added in Zeta/Omricon since they’re just recolors, i know you did some in Insurgence like Delta Volcarona.



I do love insurgence game though too


Definitely no trials, sorry!


While there are a few deltas returning from Zeta/Omicron, ultimately we are trying to make a brand new set of deltas that are more unique and separate us from both Insurgence and Zeta/Omicron.


Ok but does Insurgence Deltas return ?


Nope. The only one that has a chance to come back is delta snorlax because that originated in ZO.


I already answered this question for you, on your own post.


Is there a chance that shadow mewtwo will return?


No shadow pokemon will return.


will there be diferent clothes for the main character like in insurgence that you can buy in town stores? Would be pretty cool to have diferent clothes and back packs like the team rocket uniform, the classic trainer outfits form previous games and can we also have some swimsuits that you could buy in beach a town with a surf board insted of the backpack mabe some onepice swimsuit for the girl and swimtrunks for the boys. also would be cool if characters could swim them self but only in non deep areas.