1.2 For Mac

Does anyone have a link to a Torrented Mac version of 1.2 or a way to play a windows version on mac? Every time I attempt to download the Mac version it reaches about 300 megs (5hours straight of downloading) then stops. I’ve tried looking for torrents but the only 2 I could find were a 12kb file and a google drive which would never let me download due to (this file is to big for us to check for viruses). If anyone could provide a link that would be much appreciated otherwise ill probably have to wait a week or so for the servers to work better.

The Mac can’t torrent, sadly. I think you can speed up the download by downloading from the google drive link tough.

When I enter the game, it gives me an X11 error, which I know how to fix; you just change the Wine wrapper… However, when I get into the actual game, its all black. I can see the title screen with the non-profit business stuff, but when I click new game, it turns all black.

And then when I press [Space] 5 times, it gives the script is hanging error and kills the game. Then, when I re-enter, it says the last file was corrupt.