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1.2.7 Insurgence Damage Calculator

The Insurgence damage calculator has been updated to include 1.2.7 features. It is now based on the Showdown damage calculator, which has many useful features that the old damage calculator did not.


  • Delta Pokemon
  • New forms such as Mega Evolutions and Armored Pokemon
  • Insurgence-exclusive abilities and moves
  • New Moon weather condition
  • Level cap of 120 (the default level is still 100)

The link to the calculator can be found here
The GitHub page can be found here


Known issues/WIP:

  • Fling does not work with Insurgence-exclusive items
  • Weights for Insurgence-exclusive Mega Evolutions are unknown, currently assumed to be equal to that of the base form
  • Various Pokemon data errors (particular type order and weight errors) may remain

If you find any other bugs, please report them here or on the Discord.


Wait, so Showdown is open-source. Didn’t know that. Hmm, would this work with the Battle Sim if it was updated to use a Showdown engine? I want to take a look at using the Showdown code, it would basically be modding the Gen 6 formats if it was used for Insurgence… Would it work? Thank you for updating this! Also, would it be possible for us to add suggested sets for Deltas and custom Megas, as well as updated pokemon?