1.1.8 save file problems on mac

I did what the FAQ said but whenever i run it it doesn’t show my save file

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PC or mac

mac sorry

I use a mac too, i might be able to help you out. Can you post a screenshot of where you pasted the save files?

You put it in the wrong place. Go up to the Drive_C folder, then users, then your name, then saved games, the insurgence, then paste it there.

Wow thanks so much man, you’re a legend!

Happy to help. :smiley:

I had the same problem over here, you are a lifesaver. The FAQ still has the old location.

GOLDEN PERSON. Thank you- I had the same problem and the FAQ didn’t help. Here I was getting stressed about having to restart the game for the 3rd time (I had moving save files problems a lot ._.’ But previous ones nothing worked for.) So thank you for sharing the right place to put them.

If you really want to thank cow (who would ever do that eww) try PMing him instead of necroing a post that’s 9 months old.

Sorry, lmao. I literally only joined this forum to get help on this specific thing, and didn’t even pay attention to the date, oops. I’m not a forum user usually, just a twitter/facebook one. However Insurgence doesn’t seem to have official pages (apart from Devs having their own Twitters) aaa. Trust me, I don’t know what I’m doing on here. Oops.