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Zygarde Cells Guide (1.2.5)

For the No Man’s Land boulder puzzle:

The solution is actually very easy. Get to where you can heart swap with the Manaphy statue. Here’s the part that people miss: GO UP THE ROCK CLIMB WALL! Everything else is just following the path.

hey bud I was hoping I could get some help, I caught the zygrade at the dragon ruins and stuff, and now the terminus one wont fight me? It’s says doesn’t wanna fight, but I cant get the cube if it doesnt right? So like how do I catch it?

Did you talk to Gail?

Good question, Gail said " its unbelievable you caught zygrade…" that line, and then left and I was left with reshiram and zekrom; both of which I have. However, after this I haven’t talked to Gail, is he still at the dragon ruins or somewhere else?