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Why am I so dumb?



We grab our next mon in Midna Mine while trying to avoid a trainer, Lucky the Togetic. I’m really not liking the trend of repeating types I’m seeing here tbh.

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Still, Having a Togeflintch is nice.


Another battle, another death. This time it was our loyal Birb, OHKOd from full by a confused Florges’ Petal Dance at -2 accuracy. Our luck here really is going down the drain so I’m scared for what’s to come

that’s sad to hear

Rip birb

My save file corrupted, forcing me to load a backup. I still treated Birb as dead, but got a new encounter in Midna Mine, Sniper the D. Octillery, replacing the Togetic i had before the corruption.

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bro that sucks sorry

We go back through the Dark Cave in order to access Midna Gardens, and, in doing so, find Jester the Meowstic-M and Puffer the Qwilfish to add to our growing squad!

Nora please stop


Oh god. We just had an extremely close encounter with a Dragon Rage Dratini in the Ancient Ruins, but Sniper the absolute legend was able to outspeed and 2HKO it with a crit


Close call


After losing a few mons I honestly didn’t care about, and grabbing all the encounters we can get (including fishing), our squad’s looking prettttttty nice. Time for the Orion grind

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Also I need nickname ideas


Lumiere is named after lumiera if I am guessing right.

Lumière is the French word for Light.