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bc being edgy is literally my brand.

NOW. change urs or forever be know as the copycat /j

Uhm no.
but hi im derpy

And you dont even have on the pfp now

/j = joke

ik :slightly_smiling_face: _face:

ik, im being nice and changing mine. i don’t like when ppl have the pfp i have on, it makes me uncomfortable and my cousin (basically therapist) said i have to treat ppl how i want to be treated so i changed mine for you

ok then…


I’m definitely not still lurking here…

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Welcome back btw.

me watching everything play out:

guess whos back
back again

edit: song does have language, so dont listen to it if u get offended by that kinda stuff

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proceeds to watch

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…we meet again

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Lmao welcome back mate! What’s up?

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ho? mukatte kura no ka?


s p a c e

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