Shiny Modest Mega Typhlosion Auction (CLOSED)

Wew 55 stones lol

ikr im sitting here watching you dogs fight

can you post a screenshot of your iv stones also so we can have proof you not betting what you dont have

Can you also post your trainer ID? :slight_smile:

Sure, my trainer id has been shown many times tho, since i always show it when i post the pokemons i’m giving away, why the interest tho?

can you not post useless shit here pls

Ok, calm down.

So when will auction end? on day 3 now if we can get trading done today would be good because i work other 6 days

Wow didnt expect that many. I’m on now stances, are you here?

ya give me a sec you on the discord?

yes i’ll meet you there

k just message me in trades there

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