Reborn gameplay v2

Imma take a bit of time to grind a bit so I’ll be back later

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Why are you posting all of this on an Insurgence forum? Seems wildly inappropriate to me given that it’s a totally different game that likely has it’s own forum/discord

You wouldn’t understand.

As long as it’s not inappropriate content, not too spammy, and in the off-topic category, it’s fine to post playthroughs of other games here.


This should have been insane right?

Yeah no it took along time I’m kinda skipping some parts bc I’m getting really into it and not taking photos but I’ll update soon

Thank you

*third tangrowth fight

since you’re already in this thread and it’s off topic, would you be able to check the OT’s Tiago, Bravo, and Gael for me to see what region their delta dittos are from?