[Patch] Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.6



Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.6 Merging Patch - (No explicit folder instructions, designed for folder merging. Use the core links unless you know what that means. You also need 1.2.5 to do this first.)

For Mac Users:

  1. Open Terminal and run curl -S "https://gitlab.com/levi506/installing-insurgnece/-/raw/master/assets/macOS/update.sh" | bash
  2. Run the game at ~/pkmn_insurg/ with Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command It is important to note that the run file can have a shortcut on the desktop or dock, but moving the run file itself will cause it to no longer run.

Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.6 Windows (Core)

For Mac users:

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This game is only playable on MacOS versions before 10.15 (Catalina), due to Mac dropping support for 32-bit games. Regretfully there is nothing that can be done about this at this time.

To install:

  1. Open Terminal and run curl -S "https://gitlab.com/levi506/installing-insurgnece/raw/master/assets/macOS/install.sh" | bash On average it should take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your internet connection.
  2. Run the game at ~/pkmn_insurg/ with Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command It is important to note that the run file can have a shortcut on the desktop or dock, but moving the run file itself will cause it to no longer run.

NOTE: Mac users can patch a 1.2.5 Insurgence game to 1.2.6 using the files contained in the Windows download, in case some users find the script isn’t working, but it’s often difficult to ensure the folders are merged correctly, and the script is a much safer way to get the newest version.

Changelog (these are changes since 1.2.5)

  • Fixed an issue causing the player to get stuck when navigating backwards in the Void Gauntlet
  • Fixed several images that were throwing errors when loaded which did not cause the game to crash but were obnoxious regardless
  • Nerfed Damian and Nora’s trainer school teams a bit on Hard
  • Nerfed Orion’s Charmeleon a bit on Normal
  • Removed the held item from Orion’s Vulpix and changed Energy Ball to Hidden Power Grass on Normal
  • Reduced the cost of Ability Capsules to match Gen 6 prices
  • Fixed an AI bug that didn’t recognize Aerilate when calculating damage
  • Crystal Metagross’s stats have been updated to more accurately reflect what is posted on Azurite’s website.
  • Fixed being able to walk through the mountain near the entrance to Victory Road - Frost
  • Fixed Dazzling Gleam getting replaced with Tackle on Espeon and other similar errors on various Eeveelutions
  • Fixed Calreath’s Manaphy and Goodra not attacking
  • Kyurem now has its signature moves from each form actually turn into each other when changing forms instead of losing them when changing forms.
  • You can no longer use healing moves in the overworld if your HP is 0 or less
  • Addressed an issue which was leaving the possibility (though I’m still not quite sure how) of leaving some battle facilities without having your ability to use items reenabled
  • Ability Capsules now print out a confirmation and show the ability it’s changing to before using it. Contrary to what some of you may want to believe, I was not aware that this is how Ability Capsules are supposed to work.
  • Switched out the Meloetta Puzzle in the Cave of Origin for something less difficult
  • Fixed an issue with Egg Challenges not teaching you level up moves when raising the hatched Pokemon to the caught Pokemon’s level.
  • Realigned Delta Blaziken’s follower sprites
  • Realigned Golbat’s follower sprites
  • Fixed Dragon Tail causing sprites to disappear in wild double battles
  • Livewire and Permafrost are no longer blocked by Baton Passing a Substitute, to be consistent with Toxic Spikes mechanics.
  • EVs are now capped at 252 max in a single stat. If your Pokemon had more than 252 EVs before applying this patch then you will still need to lower it below 255 manually.
  • Fixed more tile issues in all Pokemon Centers/Malls
  • Fixed losing in the Memory Chamber disabling Surf/Dive/Bike sprites and not refreshing followers properly
  • Disabled the use of the DexNav during the Elite 4 challenge
  • Irrelephant is now considered in the type effectiveness calculations of Omnitype
  • Soak now has 100% accuracy instead of never being able to miss
  • Dragonify and Medusa Ray PP increased from 10 to 20 to match Soak’s PP
  • Fixed up Periodic Orbit’s description a bit
  • Added revamped overworld sprites for Delta Tangela, Delta Tangrowth, Delta Hoothoot, Delta Noctowl, Delta Meditite, Delta Medicham, Delta Darmanitan, Delta Escavalier
  • Fixed the description of Achilles Heel shown in the TM menu
  • Fixed sprites reappearing weirdly after the use of Spirit Away
  • Sky Drop and Spirit Away no longer bypass Substitutes under Infiltrator, to match changes made to Infiltrator in Gen 6.
  • Fixed Red Pokemon turning into their regular forms briefly in the Challenge Championship
  • Regirock and Regice now need the other region’s questline to be completed before appearing (Registeel was the only one that had this set before for some reason)
  • Fixed AI Primal Kyogre never using damaging moves if status moves were available
  • You can no longer sell Crystal Pieces
  • Removed spots in Holon soaring where you could land in Oranos Town or Gaea Town
  • Fixed the transparency issues on Winter Sawsbuck’s follower sprite
  • Fixed Snarl being physical instead of special
  • Addressed an issue with some Friend Safaris containing invalid Pokemon, potentially causing the game to crash in the grass on wild encounter.
  • Added a blocker to prevent you from going down the Jade Tower entrance to the Perfection Base when you need to catch up with Nora and potentially causing the game to freeze.
  • Removed Delta Petilil (Fairy) from Whirlpool learn list, added Delta Lilligant (Water) to Whirlpool learn list
  • Removed Delta Petilil (Water) from Defog learn list, added Delta Petilil (Fairy) to Defog learn list.
  • Omnitype is correctly considered when taking damage from Stealth Rock
  • Fixed field moves causing some Pokemon to Mega Evolve/Primal Revert outside of battle
  • Encore no longer works on moves that call other moves (Metronome, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue with Transform and Morph failing to copy the target’s weight correctly.
  • Corrected the amount of weight a user of Autotomize loses
  • Fixed Retrograde reverting Pokken Pokemon to their non-Pokken forms
  • Reconfirmed that all issues with fainting and respawning in the Infernal Base are fixed
  • Reconfirmed that all issues with spawning in Darkrai’s shack do not cause the player to become stuck.
  • Fixed Pokemon becoming fully healed after completing the trainer school on Nuzlockes
  • Added Delta Charmander to Dragonify learn list
  • Added Delta Charmander and Delta Charmeleon to Quash learn list.
  • Fixed encountering a shiny Pokemon in the Safari Zone causing the game to crash
  • Charmander now learns Dragon Breath through breeding
  • Fixed a particular tile allowing Pokemon to level up for some reason.
  • Fixed being able to surf on land in Holon marsh
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in a wall after surfing on Route 8
  • Fixed being able to walk on a part of the wall in Kepler City
  • Added Delta Misdreavus and Delta Mismagius to the Flash TM learn list
  • Fixed Cresselia being able to replace the Delta in Selene City
  • Fixed Wonder Traded Pokemon not adding to Seen/Owned list in Pokedex
  • Telekinesis and its TM are now Psychic type
  • Pokemon should now no longer change gender over trade
  • Fixed the AI bugging out when deciding if it should use Attract while the opposing Pokemon holds a Destiny Knot
  • Added missing trainer sprite for Veteran Dusk in the Memory Chamber
  • Fixed Shadow Mewtwo reverting to normal Mewtwo when Mega Evolving after swapping items beforehand
  • Updated Pokerus sprites to make it easier to distinguish between active and cured Pokerus
  • Fixed a softlock with talking to the guard in the Miara Museum and saying no
  • Fixed getting stuck in the Jade Tower stairs
  • Fixed being able to pass through some trees in Settlement Alfa
  • Fixed Dig, etc. returning as a failed move if used while no target is on the field
  • Removed the tree housing Delta Darumaka to circumvent an unreproducible bug that has persisted several patches (Delta Darumaka is now encountered outside of the tree)
  • Pokemon with Magic Guard no longer take Poison damage in the overworld
  • Fixed potentially not being able to escape from the Relic Song portal in Holon Mountain
  • Fixed an oversight with sound effects to allow the title screen cry’s volume to be reduced
  • Fixed the game crashing in Terminus Cave when speaking to Zygarde without Zygarde in the party and the party not being full
  • Fixed online issues with Custom Move