One above all's shiny shop

what would u want for the shiny d chari?

what can you offer


bredmons, iv stones, a timid red garde, shiny rapidash/magcargo, or any 2-3 of these:

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sorry but i need a delta for a delta

quite the collection you got

ah, nvm, im not interested. I already have a timid d charizard lol

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thanks, ive been collecting for a while lmao

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cool, i have just started shiny hunting and have only got the first pokemon i hunted… greninja (my fav pokemon)

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nice. good luck w ur hunting then :))

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thx bro

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hula what nature is the seedot

seedot is brave, nuze is docile

do you have a shiny larvitar/pupitar/ttar? idc about nature

hula why were u up at 2 >:(

i do have a neutral nature one, but in all honesty I’m not that likely to trade it since I’ve had it for a while ;))

i slept from 7 to midnight, i didnt rlly need the sleep lmao

i got dieno

hula thats five hours