Me and my friend’s Delta Haxorus look different

I downloaded Insurgence and me and my friend have been playing it together, he’s had it for around 2 years. We both have Delta Haxorus on our teams but they look different, they have the same front sprite but the back looks different. His looks like the picture on the wiki page for Delta Haxorus, but mine looks scrawny and “starved” as my friend said. Does anyone know why they look so different?

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Could I see a pic of your Delta hax @Alex?

It’s likely a difference in game version, one of you is likely on 1.2.3 and the other is on 1.2.5/1.2.7. Delta Haxorus was among the mons that received a graphical update in the new patch. If you download the 1.2.7 core/patch (have to download the core if you’re on 1.2.3, can download the patch if you’re on 1.2.7) here, then the backsprites should now look the same.

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Oh really? I didn’t know 1.2.3 sprite for Delta hax was different from the 1.2.5/1.2.7 sprite.I always thought they were the same lol

Yup~ quite a few Deltas received a graphical touchup between 1.2.3 and 1.2.5. Some of them received an outright design cleanup/change, such as Delta Karrablast line and Delta Darumaka, but some of them were just a more subtle cleanup of the sprite such as Delta Haxorus.


Oh okie, thanks

Yeah, here’s a picture of mine

Damn, that thing is gross lol, could u see what version u in? @Alex
(U can see that in your trainer card)

I’m in 1.2.7, I just downloaded a week ago

That’s the updated 1.2.7 sprite. ^^

The 1.2.3 sprite is older and quite a bit bigger as well, so it was changed so it was a more proper size.