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Landorus-T (Analysed ep.23)

I guess its like the Pashirisu effect?

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Except Pachirisu is a squirrel
Emolga is a FLYING squirrel
So Emolga is inherently better. lol

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You know what I am referencing, right?

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I don’t remember what tier it was when people started using it, but I remember the pain of static. xD

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Oh god, fighting a team of all legends
The ultimate test :’(

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Se Jun Park won the VGC 2014 World Tournament with a freaking Pashirisu being the MVP

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I’m sorry, WHAT?
Pretty sure its stats and movepool are worse than Emolga

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That’s one of the most legendary moment in Esport history.

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Also, this is the finals:

Imagine going to the finals and you see a Pachirisu
I would laugh so hard that I wouldn’t be able to battle xD

Imagnine LOOSING to Pashirisu.

Oh god
That would be so fricking embarrassing tho

Aaand I lost

There is nothing bad with using Legendary honestly. There are just Pokémon like so many others.

I know there’s nothing wrong, I just don’t like ONLY using them

Getting off topic here.

Yeah, aaaaanyways
imma try to improve the team. Fricking tailwind icy wind Mew SUCKS

damn u using emolga. like you could use zapdos for the EXACT same thing but no emolga.

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Could use Electro Web for Speed control. Helping Hand too.

Emolga got that sTaTiC