Collaborative Mega Stone List

Has the aerodactylite been found yet?

No. It’s currently bugged.

Jirachite will be found in the top of tower in Dev Island (1.2.5).

Reuniclite is obtained by talking to London at his house on the west side of Nexa Town (1.2.5).

Aerodactylite is obtained by getting the man in Miara Underground Site (accessible by surfing to the north from Miara Museum) an Old Amber (again,1.2.5).

Bonus:Crystal Fragment.

Found in the Perfection Base sublevel in the third boulder puzzle. Accessible via Heart Swap.

Houndoomite is at Rose Crater (1.2.5) in a cave north of the Infernal Cult base entrance. (requires Heart Swap)

Just a suggestion for an edit on the Sunflorite section (non-delta): “From the front of the Elite Four statue,counting the space directly in front of the statue as the first step walk four steps down…”. The wording really confused me til I walked down 3 steps from the base of the statue instead of 4.