An update

During the chrismas vacation, I think I’ll bring out those programming abilities I have and start by correcting some bugs and apply the change in Pokémon stats, movepool and abilities.

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Which language does it use though? Is it JavaScript?

No idea.

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If I knew what language it was written, I may be able to do updates to it myself. But, I don’t. Oh well.

you know code?

idk if this helps

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yo the sim is working again, you still wanna use showdown?

@brawler456 @MadArcanist it uses ruby, sorry for the ping

It is kind of sad that they have no intention of finishing it. Considering the amount of content left out of the current version. I’ll look at the code, and see if there’s anything I can pick up on, because I’ve never worked with Ruby. And even then, I am an amateur.

maybe for the abilities and stuff and you can just copy and paste it from the game’s code

It does not use Ruby. It’s mostly Coffeescript.

It’s also not the same as the games code at all.


Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I still know nothing about that script, lol. Perhaps someone else can pick it up, but unless I learn coffee, I’m useless here

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You’re not useless at this. Honestly I hope you stay around because not many members are active at one time.

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I dunno if this is technically against the rules to update this almost a month or so later, but, there is a very fun development. A buddy and I are currently working on a battle sim server on Showdown, to include all Insurgence mons, updated to Gen 8, along with their movepools, and even some abilities. Supposedly, it should take around three to four months, if it all goes according to plan :slight_smile:


While it is technically not a rule, I would refrain from posting in any topics that are over a week old. It is considered necroing; reviving a dead post. Everyone who ever posted here gets a notification, and this dead topic moves up in terms of recent topics. Essentially, please don’t necro again.

On another note, that sounds interesting. I’ll have to take a look when it comes out.

:open_mouth: YES.l

thats awesome
finally some good news this year’s been garbage lmao

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Thank you for this! I hope you are able to get that done. I didn’t even know Showdown did special versions on their website.