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Zygarde Cells Guide (1.2.5)

Holon Mountain (off to right from entrance)

Samsara Cave (left of first mysterious scroll spot)

No Man’s Land (near boulder puzzle and relic song spot) -core-

I don’t found cells and cores. Are they visible or not?

the cells and cores are post-elite four, during the taen quest when he once again tries to summon the original dragon. all cells (green) and cores (purple) are visible, and for the most part pretty easy to spot right away.

You need to battle Zygarde in Terminus Cave. You get to Terminus Cave by accessing the Heart Swap statue in Naragex Forest in Void Gauntlet.

I’ve completed the Taen quest and post game pre 1.2.4 patch, and only recently got the 1.2.5 version. I’ve talked to Gail and captured Zygarde in Terminus Cave, but the cells and cores aren’t appearing for me.

Cave of steam (Middle floor, right of the uppermost ladder)
Sonatta Tracks (to the left after the third set of stairs)

Hi, I’m new and I can’t seem to get there.The boulder puzzle is pretty tricky, and is there anyone who can help me?

The one on No Man’s Land

There’s one in Route 9 under a wooden bridge, sorry I don’t have a screenshot for the exact location :frowning:

Here is the definitive guide for it with all 45 cells and 5 cores with prints and description:

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how do you reach the zygarde core in no man’s land? i can’t seem to reach it without a boulder blocking me

Hey how do I even get the zygarde cube what’re the conditions

i went to dragons ruins and there was a guy waiting there and he gives it to u, but now i cant find the cells and cores in my game, it must be sth more that you have to do

thanks I will try that its a shame that u can’t hunt the cells and cores

You need to go to Terminus Cave and catch Zygarde there.

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For the No Man’s Land boulder puzzle:

The solution is actually very easy. Get to where you can heart swap with the Manaphy statue. Here’s the part that people miss: GO UP THE ROCK CLIMB WALL! Everything else is just following the path.

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hey bud I was hoping I could get some help, I caught the zygrade at the dragon ruins and stuff, and now the terminus one wont fight me? It’s says doesn’t wanna fight, but I cant get the cube if it doesnt right? So like how do I catch it?

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Did you talk to Gail?

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Good question, Gail said " its unbelievable you caught zygrade…" that line, and then left and I was left with reshiram and zekrom; both of which I have. However, after this I haven’t talked to Gail, is he still at the dragon ruins or somewhere else?

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