Yo r8 my team plz

Team: Archeops, No item, Acrobatics, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, U-Turn

Typhlosion, Typloshinionite/???, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Flame Charge, Eruption

Feraligatr, Feraligatrite/Choice Band, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang, Superpower, Draco Jet

D.Gallade, D.Galladite/Life Orb, Swords dance, Icicle Crash, Wild Charge, Psycho Cut

Marowak, Marowakite/Thick Club, Bonemerang(Will replace with EQ),Thrash, Headbutt, Ghost type custom move.

D. Blastoise, D.Blastoisite/???, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot, Dragon Pulse.

I can use a trained rotom btw.

There’s no point in equipping Mega Stones on everyone because only 1 Pokémon can mega evolve during a battle.

Archeops is fine, although you may want Roost instead of Dragon Claw to prevent Defeatist from crippling it.

Typhlosion is already fast, and Extrasensory helps improve its coverage.

Feraligatr is fine, although Life Orb/Sheer Force gives almost as much power while still allowing you to use different moves.

D. Gallade is fine.

Keep Bonemerang on Marowak. While it doesn’t have as much accuracy, it can break Substitutes and Sturdy. Don’t bother with 2 Normal moves. They provide redundant coverage. If you want to keep a move that doesn’t lock you into it, use Return instead of Headbutt. If it’s not going to be your Mega, don’t bother with the Ghost custom move.

D. Blastoise needs coverage. It’s completely walled by Fairies and you team doesn’t have anything to hit them. Scald and Energy Ball are good coverage moves, one spreading status to Fighting types who try to switch in and the other hitting bulky Water types (especially Water/Grounds) for a lot of damage.

I don’t intend to, I only have the mega stones there to show I can use them. That’s why the slash is there, I’ll equip a mon with it’s stone, and have every other one have their normal items.

Where do I get roost for Archeops.

How does Typhlo get Extrasensory

Don’t have sheer force.

Should D.Gallade use it’s mega stone or Life orb?

I didn’t really have anything better to put on Marowak. It learnt nothing of intrest and like none of my TMs work on it.

Can D.Blastoise even get Scald or Energy ball?

Roost for Archeops is a TM. It is currently unobtainable in game but it will probably be available by the time in-game multiplayer battling is fixed. It’s available in the battling simulator and you can just use potions for single player mode.

Typhlosion gets Extrasensory from breeding.

You can get Sheer Force Feraligatr in Friend Safaris.

I would say Life Orb for D. Gallade. I think Typhlosion is your best candidate for Mega because of its ability to speed check fast sweepers.

Marowak can learn Stealth Rock via tutoring. Breaking Focus Sash and Sturdy is pretty useful in competitive battles.

Scald and Energy Ball are both currently available TMs for D. Blastoise.

What mon do I have to breed typhlosion with to get extrasensory?

I’ll try to see if anyone has any friend safaris with Sheer Force Feraligatrs.

Where are the tms for scald and energy ball?




I’d consider using Huge Power banded azumarill over feraligator just to get some fairy attack and dragon resist into your team. Your team is quite frail so offensive teams could give you a little trouble so I’d also maybe consider something that can take a hit or three, maybe armor ttar (although I appreciate its a little boring) over archeops or ferrothorn over marowak if you aren’t gonna use the megastone on him as he’s quite weak otherwise!

Most importantly use your favourite Pokemon if it’s for just in game, if you want more competitive teams then let me know.

Yes, do this. DDance + Outrage rips right through your team. Even having a Fairy type on your team makes your opponent hesistate about spamming Outrage.

This was actually for my ingame team. I just asked this to make sure it’s up to snuff for the league.

Fair enough, I’d still advise making that change to get a fairy or steel in. All the scary dragons that will be coming up!