Yeah so edited my Delta Coballion slightly

Aight so I went back and looked at my old one and was like, okay, could use a bit of better shading and I see room for improvement so that’s what I did.


Yes I was lazy i have work to do so I just slapped some changes on the shiny but I put some effort into the shading, if I cared about the shiny I would’ve put effort.

Idc bout positive criticism, if you think this is terrible tell me, I need to improve my guy so I need to feel your words on my incredibly huge brain.

And I’m open to requests even if I might not even do them just leave them and if I’m bored than like, hey I might do it, school will end for me soon so I might do some of this.

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It looks hella dope, I think one thing that I’d have to say is that the shape and positioning of the flames looks a bit weird on the normal sprite, possibly because of the colouring. Could be that there’s too much contrast, I dunno much about this stuff.
Even so, it looks really cool :3