X-Delta Wynaut (Amp it Up!)

or should I say “Why not break it down.”

Delta Wynaut: (Normal/Steel) V0.4
Ablity: Soundproof or Steelworker
Hidden Ability: Amplifier

Dex Entry: Delta Wynaut is very conservative, content to listening to smooth jazz from its headphones. It keeps a Mp2 player with it at all time and protects it with it’s life.

Delta Wobbuffet: (Normal/Steel) V0.4
Ablity: Soundproof or Steelworker
Hidden Ability: Smooth Jazz

Dex Entry: Having learned from the jazz music in his library Delta Wobbuffet goes live with it’s performance! By scratching the vinyl on it’s head it creates loud music to use for attacks.

\Smooth Jazz/ Soft music fills the battlefield doubling all sound based moves and relaxing all pokemon in battle so no fighting type moves can be used!

When a fighting type move is used, it will fail and a message will appear on screen saying (“Pokemon’s name here” is too relaxed to fight)

Shiny versions:

Loosely based on Lucio’s Ribbit skins!


There’s already an ability called Amplifier. You might want to change the name.

That might be why it came to mind

Uh, What should i call it ;-;

Call it Smooth Jazz

Oh yea, duh! thanks

Really cool!

Also I’m just putting X before Delta just so you know it’s mine

I like this