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X-Delta Lurantis


So Lurantis is a grass type pokemon pretending to be a bug type. So when I was doodling pictures of Lurantis and Shantae I had an amazing idea! Water Type Lurantis who wants to be a Fairy type, just like how little girls stereotypically want to be fairy princess!! And so I Present Delta Lurantis!!!

Delta Fomantis:(Water) V0.2 Ability: Hydration or Swift Swim Hidden Ability: Contrary Dex Entry: Delta Fomantis swims 150 miles everyday to achieve its dream of being a fairy type. Delta Fomantis believes all fairy types must be cute and thus desires a perfect body!

Delta Lurantis:(Water) V0.6 Ability: Hydration or Swift Swim Hidden Ability: Contrary Dex Entry: After years of training Delta Lurantis is able to swim gracefully for over 250 miles in a single sitting! It fires hydraulic blasts out of it’s powerful claws to propel it faster though the water. Despite having reached physical perfection Delta Lurantis’ dream of becoming a fairy type is unfulfilled…

Maybe if Delta Lurantis get’s enough love I’ll make a mega Lurantis and have her gain the Fairy typing!!

/ Due to the high votes of the Taco Shiny, I present to you Jalapeno Fomatis. But, also due to the fact that it was more of a joke shiny, here are Frostbitten Fomantis and Origin Fomantis!

Delta Lurantis Shiny Poll

  • Fruitful Lurantis
  • Arctic Lurantis
  • Poppy Lurantis
  • Origin Lurantis
  • Taco Lurantis

0 voters

  • Fruitful Lurantis
  • Arctic Lurantis
  • Poppy Lurantis
  • Origin Lurantis
  • Taco Lurantis


Looks nice.


she looks so cute <3


who doesn’t like tacos…


It’s so beutiful


I have never eaten tacos ;-;


I like the idea, but I’m not sure it feels different enough to me to be a delta. I feel her design would make it very difficult to swim which goes against the details provided. That said, if you made her bug type, I think she’d make a bit more sense. I’m also a fan of the Arctic shiny.


I guess it doesn’t make much sense, But the idea was she uses her claws as a more or less of a turbine, shooting bubble beam out behind her propelling her forward. My idea for the mega was to actually include some sort of metal cone/ thruster out of her open claw.

However the Dex entry isn’t set in stone and I’d love suggestions


Also I got complaints that my Delta Hoppip Line was too different from the original, so i wanted to go with something more simplistic and in nature of the pokemon for my Delta Lurantis


Aha. The details about how she propells herself using her claws should be a part of her dex entry I think.

Sorry if my critique sounded a bit harsh. I’m a big fan of Lurantis actually. I really like the design and it’s a strong pokemon (if super slow. Why is gen 7 so slooooow…) I went through most of moon with a shiny Lurantis at the head of my party (SOS chain), so I’ve grown rather attached to it.


I gave up halfway through my Lurantis Shiny chain ;-;

Also I could change add swift swim as an ability


What a precious lil delta! :blush: It’ll always be a fairy in my eyes. Also Tacos are the second best food ever (next to Pizza) So it’s no wonder it’s winning the vote. I’m surprised Origin isn’t second though.


Swift swim might be a good idea based on its description


Shiny poll closed, and top three shinies have been made into Fomantis Shinies


I like the idea of jalapeño Pokémon


Would love to see this ingame. It would probably be in my team. Good job :+1: