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Writing Question


Unsure if I should be asking this, but I figure it at least can’t hurt.

I’m currently writing a MASSIVE fan-fiction AU series, and I was wondering if it would be alright if I included the Torren Region and the plot of Insurgence (perhaps with minor changes to connect it to other arcs) in it.

I would completely credit and advertise Insurgence at every turn, my idea being to link to the main site and credit the game/devs for all ideas that are not my twists and characters (as I would for Pokémon in general, only with the addition of a link) in every individual chapter where I mention Insurgence-related things or that belongs to the arc that would take place in Torren.

The reason I’d like to is because Insurgence is so full of awesome ideas, from the plot to the Deltas to the new Megas. I’d really like to be able to incorporate that, and I’d also love to be one more person talking about it and possibly helping get the game out there.

Thank you.

If you are scared of copyright infringement then no you cannot include the Torren Region and the plot of insurgence. Keep in mind I dont work for the people that own it. But if you would want to be safe and avoid being charged for copyright infringement I would ask them if you can buy the rights/borrow them. Sorry if this doesn’t help I am just trying to help out you as a fellow writer

It’s been 3 years dude. They last posted two years ago.