Wow...just wow

Is the forums always this drama-packed?

Atilla was banned, a 7 year old kid starts using VULGAR language, 34+35 and all…

Is this usual by any means?

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nope, this was the first time for both


I personally believe it was Jojo who created this, diversion, of usual activity on the forums. He did this via The Challenge Fiesta and tournaments. Something that helped is people with somewhat similar personalities joining the forums such as ItzKiri creating the trainers chat (Wholesome images chat’s original name).

Actually… within the last two months, pretty common. Though never to this level.

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I’m not sure if that is entirely a bad thing…

I’m just saying it how it is. Like it or not, it’s a different forums then it was just a couple months ago.

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Different from when I joined at least. I think the blame is the pandemic. It caused not just new face to appear, but insanity and chaos.

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I guess he has made a huge impact on the forums and changed it forever.

For that, he deserves a medal of honor.


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thats probably a good thing

I joined a little over 3 months ago. I can tell you that this is a much different forum then even 3 months ago.

And I joined 11 months ago. December 26th to be exact.

i joined… for some time

Less than a month, you mean?


If you go on my profile, you can see I joined on August 11th of this year.

I believe you. I’m just saying I joined last year. For example, Serv was still on and pretty active then.

he was on Nov 10

Who, Serv? And what do you mean? That was when he was last seen or that’s when he joined?

what does last seen mean?