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Woop, woop

After taking a huge break from breeding, I decided to start again. Not a huge variety of mons this time, but theyll do

Trading Name: GPN

Offer: Competitive 5IV Pokemon (with Good Natures, some even have egg moves)

Request: Nothing! This is free service. Though, if you’d have any IV Stones/Bredmons/Shinies/EV Pills (we gotta beat the dev island someday xD) I’d gladly take them!

Further info: These are the mons that I can breed for you at the moment, if there is any other Mon you’d want, just ask! It just might be a while till I get it.

Timid 5IV Froakies (with Protean)
Timid 5IV Litwicks
Jolly 5IV Larvitars with Dragon Dance
Jolly 5IV Ruindums (= Delta Beldum Ruin)
Adamant 5IV Torchics (with Speed Boost and Baton Pass)
The Entruant CC Team (5IV Adamant Delta Blaziken with HA, 5IV Adamant Delta Arcanine with HA and 5IV Jolly Durant with HA)
Impish 5IV Skarmories with Stealth Rock
5IV Bold Cleffas
5IV Jolly Magikarps (with HA, turns into Moxie upon evolution)
5IV Adamant Bagons with Dragon Dance and Intimidate (Intimidate because they are specifically bred to be used as Mega Salamence)
5IV Timid Delta Deino
5IV Timid Regular Deino with Dark Pulse (Late Game TM OwO)
5IV Adamant Gibles
5IV Modest Goomies
5IV Timid Cyndaquils
5IV Impish/Adamant Cubones
5IV Timid Zoruas

Another thing I’m doing besides my breeding service is giveaways. Once in a while, I’ll giveaway a rare Mon (most times it will be a legend) and after , let’s say, 4 days, a winner will be chosen!

So, that’s it kek. Take care!
-The Rampardos Guy


For a start, ill be giving away this very hot Reshiram

too bad i cant participate : (

rip : (

hello! Could I get one of the 5IV jolly delta ruin beldums? Also, how many requests are we allowed to make?

Trade name: Iceland

Welcome! Ill happily breed the ruindum.
Also, To answer your question, you can make one at a time.

Edit: I’d have to sleep now , since school is a thing haha. Can you trade around 2pm in your timezone?

I can wait for however long is needed, but just for clarification do you mean like 2pm EST?

Hot indeed. And btw if you want some more base breedmons to go with any of that lmk and I’d be happy to help. Looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate already though.

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I would like a Regular Deino please!

Edit: also, I can give you a bred swablu if you want, Modest nature 5IV

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OwO, the swablu would be nice , thanks. I’ll mention both of you guys when I get your mons.

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Haha thanks, but i think I’m good for now.

Note: Both of you are added to the reshiram giveaway.

Hey! I appreciate you doing this. I was wondering if I could get a 5IV (under 31 in Attack) Modest Delta Litwick? Get back to me whenever. :joy:

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Also add me to the giveaway if you don’t mind

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ayo grape could i get a larvitar and enter the giveaway?

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Yeah,sure ! Ill mention you when i get it : )

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Aight, ur both added in the giveaway. As for you mr I Like GraPes i thankfully have a larvitar bred already, ill mention you when i can trade : )


alr cool. i prob wont be able to trade for the next half hour or so bc im having dinner, but any time after that should be fine

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i mean i probably will be sleeping by then haha. Dont know how im still awake