Woobat stopped following me

My Woobat suddenly stopped following me. The whole sprite is invisible.
What I’ve tried:

Feinting all my Pokemon
Restarting the game
Switching their order

Please help.


first off…
WELCOME 2 THE FORUMS! glad 2 have u here!

Secondly, did you check the file for woobat? it may be missing. if not, try deleting the ENTIRE game (not saves) and redownloading it. if that doesn’t work, :man_shrugging: i’m stuck.

Hi thanks for the reply, I haven’t checked the file, could you let me know the directory it’d be in?

graphics>characters folder.

Nope, deleted the whole game folder and the woobat is still invisible.

Try releasing your current woobat and catching another one… it may or may not work. Also, if I am right… you are on 1.2.7 but if not, then patch your game.