Will this team be useable for the story?


I would like to know if my first team for this game will be usable and I didn’t just make an team that will be an struggle to use. My current team is…

Delta Venusaur (Calm Mind/Moonblast/Psychic/Shadow Ball)
Delta Ambipom (Fake Out/Brick Break/Shadow Claw/Return)
Delta Gardevoir (Thunderbolt/Moonblast/Ice Beam/Livewire)
Delta Snorlax (Wood Hammer/Belly Drum/Earthquake/Thunder Punch)
Delta Haxorus (Earthquake/Aqua Tail/Aqua Jet/Iron Head)
Delta Metagross (Spider) (X-Scissor/Earthquake/Stealth Rock/Sticky Web)

Please let me know if this team is any good for an first time playthrough :smiley: