Why does my Glaceon hate me?

I am currently doing a randomizer. When I check my pokemon, they always say “(pokemon name) is still undecided if traveling with Sheren is a good thing or not.” But for one pokemon, glaceon which i named graceon,she hates me for some reason. I have a sylveon that was caught near where I caught Graceon, and it seems to like me alright. any reasons as to why it hates me? is it because i didnt heal it with my nonexistant-potions?

Glaceon has a base friendship of 35, which is below average. Sylveon, in comparison, has a base friendship of 70.

Oh, okay. It makes sense cause is an ice type. and ice types are well, cold. Like normal ppl, i guess ice types can be cold too XD

If the low friendship bothers you, you could just go to the Helios Department store and buy a bunch of the friendship raising berries. You just have to choose a stat you don’t care about with your Glaceon.

okay, thanks. I havent got my first badge tho so itll be awhile

Yeah. But by then you might not even need the berries. But you’re welcome anyways. Glad I could help, even a little bit.

My glaceon finally likes me ;^;

Good for you man. That’s great. What’s your team rn? Just wondering.

Skitty lvl 15 (randomized starter) Dragalge lvl 15 Delta Purrloin lvl 10 Delta Blastoise lvl 11 Graceon (Glaceon) lvl 10 Fuchsia (Sylveon) lvl 13

Is there anything you want from the regular game? Like delta pidgey or something? I’d be willing to trade for some random trash mon.

Oh wait, forgot that you can’t do online stuff with the randomizers. Sorry.

I HAD 4 deltas in my party but then i replaced them with sylveon and glaceon