Why are the trainer in dev island to strong

why only what is in the tower all attacks trought durch

A fair warning though- these battlers are intended for postgame and are very, very difficult. I’m talking Max level, EV trained Pokemon difficult. Don’t come fight us until you’re ready!”-The Snoozerain.

Basically, it’s one of the final fights you’re intended to do when you’ve done almost everything else.

And when can we go to Dev Island?

I assume you’re asking when. As soon as you get the emolga taxi.

Sorry yes, my mistake haha. And where is that island located?

Near selene city.


i beat all the 8 dev and the door still locked why ?

There are 9 Devs. Finding only 8 is a bug. Update to 1.2.3, I’m pretty sure that fixes it.

Okey thanx :blush:

what are the conditions to enter in the island? I land with the Emolga Taxi but the guy only warm me to be ready and don’t let me enter :frowning:

I assume after the E4 or the rematch.

I rematched E4…

Did you actually go and try to use rock climb besides him? I know I was confused when he didn’t ask me if I wanted to challenge them, but I realized there was a rock climb spot there and I got in. It took me a while though to realize that (too long lol, Im actually kinda embarrassed)

I think I read in the wiki I had to use rock climb so now I’m embarrassed with the question hahaha. I’ll try then!

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