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Who wants a shiny?

Trading Name: Huntin’

Offer: Shiny Pyroar (With hidden ability)

Request: Master Ball and high level fire or dragon type

Further info:

Sorry, level 78 or higher pokemon

I have an altaria but can only play this weekend at the soonest. I haven’t used it much so it probably doesn’t have the ideal moveset sorry. Only if this helps u cos i’m not interested in the pyroar

Do you want this (Its holding a masterball) image

sure that’s great!

oh, also, completely random, but could you name it Keo before you trade it to me?

Will you be online on wednesday to trade

I also named it Keo for you

I am generally online during school hours.

Tell me whenever your ready

I’m ready now

My trade name is Kryptxnxte

@SapphireDraggy I will take the shiny pyroar btw

okay, thanks…do you have a good steel type?

I can breed you a beldum

no, I’d prefer a high level…ya know what, I’ll just find one myself

I can train it up for you

oh okay sure…nature boosting attack and nerfing special attack, moveset meteor mash, bullet punch, zen headbutt, ice punch, if it’s not too much

Give me some time and i will get it

What level do you want it to be