Which Sweepers/Wallbreakers should I have on my team?

Right now I have a team that is a bit balanced (on type coverage) but that I don’t want to change. I have another file that has a better team, but this one is kinda of a little challenge I made to myself, only those mons I got at pretty much the start of the game and that’s it.

The point is that in my team, I have 3 pokemons that I accidentaly aimed to be purely offensive, but I only want to stick with 2 (for type coverage and balance in the team), and those would be:

Adaptability Eevee – Item: Eevite – Moves: Leaf Blade / Hydro Pump / Moonblast / Ice Beam

Levitate Gengar – Item: Gengarite / Choice Specs – Moves: Shadow Ball / Venoshock / Dazzling Gleam / Thunderbolt

Hustle D. Scyther – Item: Life Orb / Choice Band – Moves: Icicle Crash / Drain Punch / Shadow Claw / Hone Claws

The rest of my team is:

Sturdy Gigalith – Item: Hard Stone / Leftovers – Moves: Rock Tomb / Stone Edge / Stealth Rock / Protect

Chlorophyll Lilligant – Item: Leftovers – Moves: Energy Ball / Hidden Power Rock / Sunny Day / Synthesis

Static Raichu – Item: Choice Scarf – Moves: Thunderbolt / Focus Blast / Double Team / Livewire

I won’t change anyone on my team, but I’m willing to change their whole movesets if necessary. Thanks a lot to anyone who answers this question about this weird team.

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Firstly: Replace Leaf Blade (On Eevee) into a special attack. (eg. thunderbolt?) Secondly: Raichu. Don’t put a Choice Scarf on it and replace Double Team. Thirdly: Just put a Life Orb on D. Scyther (Don’t out a choice item on it because hone claws)

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I see…