Which Delta Pokemon are 1.2?


I’ve been trying to create a custom egglocke file for a friend, but after meeting some script-hanging issues when selecting a custom text file, I searched around for solutions. I believe my problem is adding Delta Pokemons introduced in version 1.2.

I’m posting a question here because I’ve been searching for a list of version 1.2 Delta Pokemon for a few days now without results - even the changelog on the wiki says “New Megas, Deltas, Armors, etc” and nothing more, which isn’t a whole lot to go on. So my question is, is there a list of all the Delta Pokemon added on and after version 1.2 that I can access, and if not, may I get the complete list of all Delta Pokemon added on and after version 1.2?

As a side note, here are some of the things I’ve tried already to fix the script-hanging issue and made no difference: -downloading the Data folder with “eggEmerald.dat” and “.DS_Store” files. -making sure the above two folders are in the correct directory. -filling out all the moveslots of each Pokemon. -changing all Hidden Abilities to non-Hidden Abilities. -the custom egglocke text file which I created contains more than 60 Delta Pokemon along with similar amounts of non-Delta Pokemon so I’ve yet to try a suggestion online where they say to try and erase one Pokemon at a time to see if the game script doesn’t hang. I could do that I guess, but that means I’ll need to hear the second augur addressing the crowd over 60 times… Not a fun thought.

Thank you.

I believe that everything on this list after Delta Mismagius was introduced in 1.2, with the exception of Delta Drifloon/Drifblim.

If you give every Pokemon 4 moves (even if some move is repeated) the crash won’t happen.

I see, thank you for the quick reply.

The first post may seem difficult to read because the spacing is messed up, but I did state that I’ve tried that and didn’t work. Thank you for the attention though.