Where is delta liepard (in selene city)?

This is the third night (yes it is NIGHT in the game too) in a row i cannot seem to find any “shadow” of delta liepard, nor does speaking to the correct people in order bring it up. the wiki claims it appears “northeast” of the pokemon center, but ive walked all over town and dont see anything remotely “shadow” like at all!

NO I have not captured it yet!

im going to try and take a recording of myself walking around Selene town so i can show folks that im not seeing anything.

There’s another article on it but there is no solution

darn so it appears it might be a glitch?

Yeah I think so

Maybe try getting it by GTS or something

Hi ! Maybe it’s too late ( and i apologize for my bad english) but i’ve found a way to see it ! Actually, during night i’ve met all the condition listed on the Pkmn Insurgence Wiki :

  • Talk to the old man in the Pokémon Center and answer “no” to his question.
  • Enter the house next to the Cresselia Statue and talk to the man that describes it as having the head of a fox.
  • Talk to the person next to the PikaTaxi that describes it as wrapped in smoke and having the torso of a chicken.
  • Talk to the girl in the house to the right of the Pokémon Center who describes it as having limbs like a tiger
  • Interact with the shadow at this point, which will flee immediately.

But at the last point the shadow was not here, so i’ve leave the town by the south, then come again, and it appear ^^ then i’ve follow those 2 conditions :

  • Talk to the boy that appears next to the gym and describes it as having the tail of a snake.
  • Interact with the shadow again, which will now be able to be captured.

I’ve leave the town AGAIN by the south then re-enter and the shadow was again here, and this time i’ve captured it :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s a useless post but … meeh … maybe it’s THE solution :'D

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