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Where did I messed up?

So, my Reddit account was suspended for 3 days because of a " hate message " I posted on a post where someone said to have completed the 3 SWSH Pokédex. I deleted the message after the warning, but ended up being suspended anyway. The message sounded like this:

" Congrats! I have almost completed the Crown Tundra Pokédex myself, I wish you good RNG on your next project. "

So… where did I messed up? Am I an a :no_entry_sign:hole without knowing it? Sounds like I can only bite the dust and endure my suspension because I cannot send messages to the admin.

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That’s very concerning to me. I mean… what have I done wrong?

Maybe a misunderstanding? Which subreddit?

Pokémon subredit. It’s called " Completed Pokédex! " by u/BennyD_

you do not seem like a bad person, at least not on this forums. also the post does not seem bad.

Maybe an admin abuse, or on a power trip?


Doesn’t seem rude to me. The only part I can see that could be rude is the RNG part. They possibly took it as it was just luck that they completed the Dex, not hard work. Or something.

I see. That would also mean I can be banned form things I deleted.

Maybe. Dunno. As I said, that’s more of a guess than anything. I mean, I’ve said ruder things and was never suspended. Maybe Derpysaga was right; it was Admin Abuse or something. For all you know, it could’ve been one of those little-bro-comes-crying-to-overprotective-big-bro things. It’s possible.

I can try to DM a mod later.

Nah, no need. I doesn’t, use Reddit that much either. Plus, I’ve deleted the message so the one I gave probably isn’t as accurate as it would be.