Where can I grind exp in the nightmare realm?

I’m a bit under leveled, but I can’t take out the final gym. The only ways I can train is wild pokemon and rotom farming, but they don’t give enough exp. Does anyone know of anyway I can train up?

If you have secret base (you can get for $5000 in metchi town) you can buy level trainer. This is the EASIEST way to train up by far. Source: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Secret_Base

@JojoBoss247 can you access the secret bases in the nightmare realm? There are no pokecenters so I can’t access it by going behind the bookcase. And I can’t leave the nightmare realm without finishing the final gym.

Actually…that’s a myth. If you go back to Prion Site through the rift, you can go back to the real world.

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