Whats wrong with Pokeballs in Randomized?!

I mean, i know that catching a Legendary with Pokeballs is gonna be a matter of pure luck, but ive already spend so many Pokeballs trying to catch non Legendary like Magby, Growlithe, a few deltas and many more, and only thing i was able to get was Umbreon… I leave them at minimun HP, and still keep breaking out like theyre full HP + Lvl 100 and being Legendary :rage:

Sorry, just needed to express it

rocketbro just answered that they didin’t change catch rates for randomizers. so you using a base pokeball for catching mons that have low catchrate = happy market lady.

the catch rates for the pokes you were trying to get are 45. rattata’s catchrate is 255 and mewtwo’s catchrate is 3. so just settle for other pokes until you get level balls net balls