What would you prefer?

i’ve resetted a slot and want to start off with eevee, which would be great Physical mega or Special Mega?

Special has the best offensive coverage by far.

thanks for the suggestion should i go for a timid eevee?

That’s most likely the best, yeah.

ok i’ll go for a timid eevee then

hey what moves can you advise for a special mega eevee?

Thunderbolt and Psychic are pretty much mandatory. It’s then up to you whether or not you want Sylveon/Vaporeon/Glaceon but personally I prefer Sylveon and Vaporeon as Sylveon has excellent offensive potential with its Fairy type attacks and Vaporeon is very, very bulky with both its stats, type, and ability.

so Espeon,Glaceon,Sylveon and Vaporeon? it’s ok for me

thank you so much