What should I put on my blissey?

Im going into zenith 1 and wanted to have a blissey for his mega magcargo, but can’t think of an item to go with it, assault vest and eviolite are both post game so i can’t use either on chansey or blissey, and I can’t think of any other viable items. What should I run? Also, what EV spread should I use on blissey. Max hp and sp.def i assume but I just want to know

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leftovers/chople berry

i was going to use leftovers but I have that on hippowdown, who barely survives 2 hits from most things thanks to it. I also want sand stream to help excadrill deal big damage, as I put a choice band on it so it could eq most things with sand rush

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u can get more than 1 leftovers tho, one from the floatzel in midna town, and one from the boy by the gym in sonata

ah, the only other leftovers I could find was in selene city, which I can’t access yet. Thanks man, i think ill go blissey then


Max def bold nature max hp 4 SpD. it doesn’t need more special bulk, leftovers is the item for it.

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Armor Ttar>Hippowdon.

can’t get ttar yet, when i do i already have the armor

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