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What should I change?

Armored Flygon, Levitate, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Dragon Claw
Delta Volcrona, Levitate, (LOOKING FOR ARMOR), Dark Pulse, Sludge Wave, Fire Blast, Aura Sphere
Wash-Rotom, Expert Belt Levitate, Livewire, Hydro Pump, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt
Salamance, Intimidate, Expert Belt, Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Outrage, Roar
Delta Charizard, Spirit Call, Mega Stone, Lunar Cannon, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse
What should my 6th be, and what should I change in general?

I would also like a possible replacement for my Delta Charizard, and another mega

If you decide to stick with Charizard replace either shadow ball or lunar cannon. They have the exact same coverage. I ended up swapping mine for D. Ambipom bc it only has one weakness to dark and with cursed body and focus sash you have a good chance of removing that threat as well. Decent attack and speed stats, mine knows shadow claw, fake out, drain punch, and acrobatics. (You could sub fake our with shadow sneak). You’re pretty heavy on fairy and ice weaknesses, maybe add D. Aggron to check those reliably? It has the perfect typing to check your weaknesses, I would go with:
Ability: Flame Body
Nature: Brave
Held Item: Iron Ball/Assault Vest

  1. Flare Blitz: STAB
  2. Gyro Ball/Iron Head: STAB. Iron ball with lower it’s already terrible speed which will make gyro ball deal massive damage.
  3. Fling/Knock Off/Earthquake/Stone Edge/Superpower: Fling if you go with iron ball, makes it a base 130 dark move. Knock off for item removal, or one of the other moves for coverage.
  4. Same as before.

You could also run him as a trap setter, he has access to stealth rocks, roar, wildfire. This guy has a lot of different options.

I made a new save because the E4 were pissing me off, but thanks anyway