What other games have the devs made?

I really liked insurgence and noticed references to other regions, so I assume they made other games or are making other games. Can someone link me to them?

They’ve made a fangame that began before Insurgence called Zeta/Omicron. It was made before Insurgence, but still had a few developers in common.

A few of the Insurgence developers are also working on a new game called Epsilon, which is unrelated to Insurgence other than having a few common developers.


Epsilon is part of the same story as Zeta/Omicron, and was intended as a remake of Z/O, but it is now going to be a full game. Insurgence is in the same universe, but kinda off to the side and not directly connected to Z/O/E.

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Aren’t they also working on Azurite?

epsilon is unrelated to z/o except for a few common characters and region, story wise it is completely different and should no longer be associated with z/o

azurite is being worked on by a completely different team, they are only linked because they did a crossover with insurgence

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It was originally tho… The teams are the same currently.

While it was originally meant to be a remake of ZO, it has grown and changed far beyond a remake that it can’t be referred to as a remake anymore. The only remaining similarities are character names and some town/city names.

It is still in the same continuity tho, at least as of April this year.

only two former insurgence devs are on the epsilon team, and none of Z/O’s story is being recycled. again, it has progressed beyond a remake and should not be considered as such anymore. it doesnt have any continuity with Z/O other than some of the region and characters, that’s it.