What is your opinion on the E4 scaling?

What is your opinion on how the E4 and Champion level up with you? I know the veterans are gonna hate me for this one,but I think that in Easy,the E4 & Champion shouldn’t scale up at all,and on Normal,the E4 and Champion should scale up but at a limit(Say, minimum 90 maximum 100~).

I like it. It’s a pretty smart way to scale (Using the level of the strongest pokemon, whilst still having a respectable minimum), punishing you for being a one-trick who uses only a single overtrained pokemon or one at an obscene level obtained from somebody else. It forces you to build a real strategy and evenly distributed training.

The player has a ridiculous number of advantages over the E4. Between the wiki’s team list, switch mode, item spam, and bad AI it is very beatable.

Also new feature suggestions are not going to be taken.