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What is this abomination my family’s cooking

why is this a thing. It’s hot Cheetos chicken tenders. I’m also currently looking for bleach.


Found bleach

well tell your family to make this warning has alcohol (dont need to add alcohol)

No thanks

lmao ok

Now I’m glad my mom’s a great chef. Mmm… That roast pork and Hainanese chicken rice…

me eating spicy food made from ground dry chillies this is not spicy mom

Yeah it wasn’t spicy. I like a lot of spicy food too.

But honestly that sounds delicious

My mom’s homemade chili sauce is so hot.

Chili’s good.

Are you really cooking with cheetos? Man, I feel really bad for you.

nah that was my sister. we love spicy food but this was like a snack for her


If she like spicy food, I think cooking it in/with spicy sauce like Sriracha or Tabasco. Franks Red Hot is always a good choice. Cheetos are bottom tier cooking ingredients.

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i know and i dont know what went through her mind. i tried one and it just tasted like regular chicken

but lately shes been straying away from spicy food. dont know why though

u sure?

I don’t want to do that