What is planned for the future?

I’ve seen several discussions about when 1.2+ releases, and we are obviously now in 1.2.3 but I do not know how recently the game was updated. I have grown curious about future content and future bug fixes. I’ve also read that the CC is super bugged. Has this been fixed?

I’m not a dev, so I can’t say exactly what the plans are for Insurgence. However, what is known is that Insurgence is in a feature lock, meaning no new things will be added to the game. The only updates that will happen in the future will be bug fixes, such as for the CC, which is still extremely buggy.

There are several updates still planned:

Patch 1.2.3 (Current)
This patch is mostly playable how ever Kyurem can not be obtained
Patch (Unstable) This patch fixes several bugs such as Kyurem however it breaks delta breeding making a lot of the deltas unobtainable

Patch 1.2.5 (Indev) This is a major bug fix patch that is in the work with no ETA
Patch 1.3 “The DLC Update” (Planned) This patch will be a clean up of the story and several other parts of the game that will begin development after 1.2.5’s release.

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Do you know which patch has the updates for the Battle Frontier? Also, do I need to download the other patches individually or can I do them all in one go?

Is there any patch atm that fix this?


Primal Giratina’s ability,Omnitype

That’s good, also I have been noticing that Heal Block seems to be bugged and does not work. There are quite a few other small bugs that I have found as well.

Why is Insurgence in a feature lock? Was this to avoid any potential lawsuits?

Insurgence is in a feature lock because the devs felt that 1.2 was about the extent of what content they wanted to make, I assume. Attempting to introduce new features that fans suggest would take ages, literally.

Understandable explanation, but I’d thought that a feature lock was when a corporation denies a dev any rights or ability to use said corporation’s creations, for example, Sobble or any new Pokemon…

Ah, no, although I can see the misunderstanding. This is what i mean by the “feature lock,” no new features will be added to the game.

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