What Happens to Persephone? (SPOILERS)

After playing through most of the game, I know that Persephone gets stuck in the Dream Realm and that you see her in the post game for the Diana Side Quest. However, I was wondering does anything happen if I follow her advise and release darkrai? Does see ever gets free or is it not mentioned what has to her after and if she can leave the Dream Realm.

That is something we don’t know for now, cause, after delivering her Diana’s Parcel, we just never see her again. Nor she is Mentioned again

is update 1.3 out yet or did they stop working on it for azurite or are they still working on it?

As has been repeated many times, the main devs aren’t working on Azurite, that was just a crossover. They are mostly working on Epsilon, developing a new game engine for Pokemon on Unity.


oh is update 1.3 still coming out tho


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By reading between the lines of her dialogues, you can deduce she awaits the moment Darkrai leave you to catch it and get back.


damian eats her

Hey, as long as it stays in the family.

oh that makes sense. honestly i think epsilon is gonna be a better game than maybe even insurgence based in their short stories

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wrong one thats audrey @PeterHolmes74 and @BackInBlack