What exactly is the Merging Patch?

I’m going to restart insurgence. I downloaded the core for 1.2.2 on mac, and I believe that alone is enough to play the game. But I’m curious, can someone explain what the Merger Patch option on the download page is? It’s designed for folder merging, whats that?

I’m dumb, sorry. But I don’t need that to play, correct? That thing doesn’t have any content that the 1.2.2 core doesn’t? Sorry for the question, I’m just not sure what the merger patch is, I’m just curious.

So yeah, main question for me, the 1.2.2 merger patch doesn’t have any content thats not in the core, right? It’s just for file merging, whatever that is? (can someone explain that too?)

the patch is if you already have a version of 1.2.0 it is used if you don’t want to download the core to get all the new updates also version 1.2.3 is out you can download the patch version from the downloads section on the forums and website

Thanks for that, it makes sense now :slight_smile: