What are the best and/or easiest shinys to get

I have a passion for shiny hunting but have no idea about this game I would also like to know what nature the shiny should have depending on the Pokémon I’m also going to do ab trading if your interested

So there’s a guaranteed deino/one of the legendary beasts though that may have been patched. Guaranteed deino. Dexnav and friend safaris are good. Static encounters are also fast.

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thank u do u have any suggestions on which ones to hunt

Ummm, I’m hunting delta Meloetta but that’s just a subtle change. If you shiny hunt delta Squirtle it turns into bowser. There’s a cool shiny delta cyndaquil later on that helpful for later game. Delta buneary and Lopunny are really good shiny, there’s a black light delta ralts set very early on.

sorry to be a pain but do u know any good locations preferably early game

Well there’s delta scyther, delta Aipom, delta sunken, which has a SICK shiny. Delta ralts, and delta dwebble cake