What 6th pokemon for my team?

Hi, Im new to insurgence so no spoilers please!

Doing my first playthrougth on normal mode.

I don’t know all the pokemon because it’s a while I played some, but’s nothing like a google to see!

So I’m having trouble choosing my 6th slot pokemon.

My Team is: Delta Charizard, Delta Gardevoir, Lucario, Gyarados, Charizard I have a low level Haunter for catching porposes! My team is level 38ish

I’m heading to Helios city, just finished the 2nd gym! Tough battle if I hadn’t my Charizard I could be in trouble…!

(maybe i’m missing a flying type?)

So any sugestions are welcome and apreciated! :slight_smile:

I’d suggest Delta Axew, which can be caught before the fourth gym, or you could use your Haunter, because in Helios City, there’s a guy who evolves your trade evolutions for you.

Why Delta Axew? It’s a type water and I have Gyarados… Evolved Haunter becomes Gengar if I stick with him I’ll hsve another ghost type…

I’ll Describe my movesets on each poke I have now,

Delta Charizard lvl39 Spirit call ability; Ghost/Dragon type; Mild Nature

  • Shadow ball, Flame charge, Dragon breath, Dragon dance

Delta Gardevoir lvl36 Lightningrod ability; Electric/Ice type; Quiet nature

  • Charge beam, Shockwave, Frost breath, Powder snow

Lucario lvl36 Inner focus ability; Fightning/Steal type; Lonely nature

  • Force palm, Counter, Endure, Reversal

Gyarados (no red gyarados, shame!) lvl32 Intimidate ability; Water/Fly type; Jolly nature

  • Dragon rage, Twister, Bite, Ice fang

Charizard lvl39 Blaze ability; Fire/Fly type; Naive nature

  • Flame burst, Flame charge, Dragon Rage, Wing atack

You could get a Delta Budew, Fairy/Dark after 3rd Gym in Utira Town.

I’d advise you to pick up a Pokemon with a strong Psychic or Ground Move due to the abundance of Poison-type Pokemon that you will encounter in Helios City.

You can get a good Ground-type Pokemon in the desert that you have to pass through before getting to Helios City.

i would suggest delta budew or delta grimer, both have really good typing and learn decent coverage moves (fairy and ground are very useful typings overall)

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Thanks for all the help! Very apreciated! :slight_smile:

That good poke in the desert is Vibrava right?!