Weird bug has deleted 3 of my pokemon

Be me
Grinding the Challenge Championship for IV stones
My team was Typhlosion, Regigigas, Donphan, D.Venusaur, D.Pidgeot and Hitmonlee
Used only the first 3 in the championship
Gets to the last battle
Game crashes
restarts the game
Delta Venusaur, Delta Pidgeot and Hitmonlee
Those three have dissapeared
Check the pc boxes, try to reset the game again
The other three who were in my party survived, but all of their levels became 50
My only memory of the pokemon that dissapeared are the first 2 Hall Of Fames
This shall not stand

From now hencefoward, i shall create my new team and head to dev island, so that i can avenge my fallen comrades.
(btw im playing 1.2.3 so yeah thats likelly the cause, also im not actually mad with the devs lol)
[my pokemon were deleted though, please reply f in the chat for them]

F o7

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F to pay respects

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