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Want D. Noibat plz

Trading Name: Redstorm0304

Offer: Whichever starter is requested. I am willing to grind out a starter. Just give specks.

Request: Delta Noibat

Further info: Just tell me how you’d like your starter, and I’ll get it. (No shiny. Sorry.)

i’m guessing this is probably a no but do u happen to have an IV stone or rare candy?

I do have a rare candy.

I can make u an egg if you’re willing to trade the rare candy? (they have a ton of rare candies later on in the game so it’s replenishable if ur worried about that)

Ummm, yeah. So starter and candy?

nah j the candy and some random mon (i finished the game so I don’t rlly need the starter xD)

Ok, will do!

I’ll lyk when the egg hatches :)) (it’s timid too so hope that helps ya out a bit xD)


Got it! (sry I’m shiny hunting another mon at the same time so it took a while xD)

Trade name’s hulaunicorns btw, lmk when ur ready!


alright, I’m online and requested

thanks man! hope you like him :))

Thank you so much!

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I can give you a Delta Noivern for a Delta Charmander?

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