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Want D.Buneary for IV stone

Trading Name: Poidus

IV stone (and I suppose also a tortuga)
A female D.Buneary (not above lvl 35)
Further info:

Would a female d. buneary lvl 1 be ok?


what is your username by any chance. also tell me
when you’re ready to trade please

user is hulaunicorns and ofc I’ll lyk :))

Hey I finally got it (sry I got pulled away and it lasted way longer than expected xD)

Just lmk when you’ll be free >> I’ll be free for 30 more mins and then after that 12 hrs from now

I’m free now

oh perfect! im online so lmk when you’re on

im online now

great! send me a trade request :))

try again?
(a trade only works if both people request)

about to retry

try again (it glitched out)

are you pressing x or esc as soon as you accept the trade?

should i close the game and open it back up again to see if that works

sure, try that (thanks for bearing with it xD)

i press c or enter

ah yeah it keeps saying you exited the trade, so that shouldn’t be happening.
Also, after you press enter to request a trade w me, don’t switch to another window cuz that interrupts the trade :stuck_out_tongue:


you back online now?

we were close! try again ^w^

yayy it worked! That’s what you wanted right? and thanks for the IV stone :))

thanks for the buneary and you’re welcome

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